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UI Art Director (Russian-speaking, Remote)

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Dalet Noon Компания
1500 - 2500 USD
18:25 29.10.2022

MorpheusXR is a cross-platform metaverse for the future of culture & work. Our VR, desktop & mobile platform allows companies to connect distributed teams, partners, and clients through a marketplace of immersive, culture building experiences in customizable spaces. You can see what it looks like here: https://morpheusxr.com/.

Though young, Morpheus is used within Meta, Shopify, Adobe, Google and other well-known enterprise companies. Our clients use Morpheus for team building, keynotes, workshops and other work-related activities.

Morpheus is currently looking for a remote bilingualRussian-speaking UI-focused Art Director who will be providing most of the day-to-day design.

Please note that we won't be working with people physically located in Russia. You either have to be in a different country or be willing to relocate.

Issues To Resolve

Morpheus consists of two parts.

One is a set of apps for VR, mobile and desktop. People join Morpheus via one of these and have all sorts of fun.

The other part is a web-based management system, where VR events are planned, invites are sent out, user access is managed and so on.

This web part is typically used by HRs and team leaders of large corporations. Your job will be to ensure that the web part is nicely designed, well executed and is effortless to use.

Your growth opportunity is to start participating in VR design as well and become the Creative Director of Morpheus.

Day-to-day Tasks

- Gather requirements from stakeholders of Morpheus and ensure that users' feedback is properly incorporated

- Design and—where needed—redesign the web management system of Morpheus

- Coordinate with third-party suppliers to ensure your designs are correctly laid out and work as intended

- Identify and hire third-party suppliers for things you cannot do, such as icons, illustrations and such

- Ultimately, develop the Morhpheus UI standards and component system

- Participate, as an advisor and art authority, in design of https://morpheusxr.com/

What We Ask

- Fluent English and Russian

- Proficiency at Figma

- Provable experience of complex web app design, formal years of experience don't matter

- Great soft skills to communicate with colleagues and suppliers

- Fastidious personality, compatible with strict work on grid systems, component systems and, in general, design systems

What We Offer

- Fully remote position

- Gross salary between $18k and $30k, with net salary established individually depending on the candidate's taxation status.

- An opportunity to grow into VR design

Special notes

- Morpheus is a company of equal opportunity and as such welcomes anonymous CVs

- We will not work with candidates physically located in Russia

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